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Twisted Sista celebrates individuality and shuns assimilating with the crowd.  A Twisted Sista brings international style and attitude to life in everything she touches. 

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I have tried a lot of products to tame my frizz and also help with tangles this one works. It makes my hair easier to comb through when wet and when I let it air dry.

Janisia Garris

This shampoo is so wonderfully clarifying yet retains the health of my moisture barrier, even if I shampoo it a couple of times before conditioning. Highly recommend.

Jayce Jurado

Not only does the 3 min moisturizing mask product tame your curls, it also moisturizes my 3b-4b curls, coils and kinks. It left me with shiny and bouncy hair for days on end.

Kaleema Obot