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curl activator creme - Twisted Sista Curl Activator Creme - Twisted Sista
curl activator creme
Precio de venta$ 9.99
5 reseñas
30 second curl spray - Twisted Sista 30 Second Curl Spray - Twisted Sista
30 second curl spray
Precio de venta$ 9.99
16 reseñas
amazing dream curl gel - Twisted Sista amazing dream curl gel - Twisted Sista
curl perfection crème gel - Twisted SistaCurl Perfection Crème Gel - Twisted Sista
foaming curl mousse - Twisted Sista Foaming Curl Mousse - Twisted Sista
foaming curl mousse
Precio de venta$ 10.99
0 reseña
at home styling kit - Twisted Sista At Home Styling Kit - Twisted Sista
at home styling kit
Precio de venta$ 21.99
18 reseñas
Nourishing Sleek Edge Gel - Twisted Sista
frizz control straightening blow dry creme - Twisted Sista Frizz Control Straightening Blow Dry Creme - Twisted Sista
tight curl refresh kit - Twisted Sista Tight Curl Refresh Kit - Twisted Sista
tight curl refresh kit
Precio de venta$ 16.99 Precio normal$ 19.98
21 reseñas
hydrate and style kit - Twisted SistaHydrate and Style Kit - Twisted Sista
hydrate and style kit
Precio de venta$ 16.99 Precio normal$ 20.98
4 reseñas
Ahorra $ 4.99
blow out kit - Twisted SistaBlow Out Kit - Twisted Sista
blow out kit
Precio de venta$ 16.99 Precio normal$ 21.98
1 reseña
sleek styling kit - Twisted SistaSleek Styling Kit - Twisted Sista
sleek styling kit
Precio de venta$ 14.99 Precio normal$ 16.98
3 reseñas
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doing your hair should be fun! experiment, be BOLD, be WILD, get TWISTED. there are no limits to the number of great hairstyles you can achieve!!

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